Need a hand settling on the right design style for your home? We have the low-down you need right here on all that that is great about contemporary style.

There are so many options when it comes to choosing the right style for your home and it can get a little overwhelming if you are not certain where to start. From laid-back country style to uber-refined French Provincial and everything in between. One can easily get gobbled up in the giant stratosphere of design and styling.

If you are looking for a design style that is sophisticated yet subtle and reflects the now; look no further than contemporary style. With crisp, simple solutions, contemporary style is certainly popular for many reasons.

Highlighting the elements that make contemporary style so great, the Highlands Hand Painting experts have put together this helpful guide that showcases the basics of decorating your home to embrace contemporary style.

What is contemporary style?

Contemporary style is the name given to today’s modern trends and design features. It encompasses interior and exterior design and does not specifically mimic any particular influence of the past.

Contemporary style is fresh, fun, exciting and on-trend. It is free and innovative without a lot of constraint. And in today’s homes, contemporary style is comforting and welcoming. It provides an opportunity to reflect plenty of character while placing an importance on simplicity.

Typical contemporary style design features

Typically, contemporary style design is led by simple features and an array of character. In a contemporary style home, the result is a clean, sleek interior that generally reflects the owner’s personality.

Following are some common inclusions that feature throughout contemporary style home designs.

Contemporary style space

The most important rule to note with contemporary style design is to pare everything back. This style is a perfect collaboration of uncluttered, welcoming spaces where less is best.

Clean lines

You can’t have contemporary style without clean, crisp lines and finishes. Whether they run up, down, sideways or horizontally; crisp, visible lines feature in elements like architectural finishes on high ceilings and skirtings, around windows and throughout cabinetry. Even the bare space on walls becomes important with contemporary style.

Steer away from fussy furniture pieces. Square-edged furniture with basic geometric outlines work best. Look for crisp leather, chrome or sharply-designed timber settings with clean edges.

Leave plenty of open space around furniture and keep any styling atop minimal.

Contemporary style colour

Keeping it simple, the basic rule of thumb for a contemporary style colour palette is to stick to a base of neutrals, black or white. To avoid being clinical, colour is then introduced as a playful accent against this simple backdrop.

For basic, one-colour walls or interiors, make use of pops of colour in items like hand painted picture frames, bright ottomans or colourful kitchen appliances. But be cautious not to overdo it as balance is key to successful contemporary style. Colour should be used as an accent and not overwhelm any space.


As popular contemporary style features, texture is particularly important when you need to add a gentle touch to a warm room with heavy features like glass, steel or stone. Simple, textured materials work wonders on items such as:

  • cushions
  • throw rugs
  • floor mats
  • table runners and table linen

Floors, on the other hand, should be bare and smooth. Tiles, vinyl and wood are perfect contemporary style flooring options. If needed, carpet should be fuss-free and of commercial grade.

When it comes to contemporary style bedrooms, refrain from adding extra skirts, fringes or tassels to furniture. Capitalise on beds and corner chairs that feature exposed legs without the need for cutesy trimmings. Floral is a contemporary style no-go! Instead, go basic, bold and bare.

Contemporary style wrap-up

Fundamentally, contemporary style is crisp and clean with opportunity for plenty of fun and character. It is bold and focuses on space rather than clutter or matter.

Contemporary style designed homes minimalise fuss and maximise simplicity through an abundance of space, crisp shapes, texture and pops of colour. Modesty is key and personality is most certainly welcomed.

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