When you think of splashbacks, the first thing that comes to mind is the kitchen. And that is definitely the most common place to find them. But glass splashbacks can be used to transform many rooms in your home into modern masterpieces. Looking beyond the aesthetically pleasing factor, there are many reasons we love and recommend glass splashbacks.


Whilst often making a statement or even inadvertently becoming the focal point in any room, glass splashbacks are definitely a stunning yet relatively inexpensive choice. As a result, they can be a fantastic investment for your home. Though the initial outlay may be more expensive than installing tiles, glass splashbacks require less ongoing maintenance to keep them in top quality shape, with no need to re-grout or retile over coming years.


Unlike the tile and grout combination, glass is naturally resistant to bacteria, oil and grease. Glass splashbacks do not have joins or grout, meaning there are no places for bacteria to hide and mould to grow. As well as saving you money, they also save you time as glass splashbacks are an easy to clean and flat surface – simply dampen a microfiber cloth with water and wipe.

Versatile Design Style

Glass splashbacks are reflective of light and can help to provide a sense of dimension and depth in any space. With a vast array of finishes and colour options available, glass splashbacks are a great alternative to tiles for any interior design style. The most popular splashback choice is a painted finish. This option provides an almost limitless amount of scope for customising and coordinating your glass splashback with the rest of your space. Really make a statement by opting to have a striking print or graphic applied to your glass splashback. Mirrored finishes are popular choice too.

Heat and Scratch Resistant

A common misconception with glass splashbacks is that they will crack or deform with heat. Of course this is of particular importance in the kitchen where the splashback is right in heat of the action. Made with high quality toughened glass, our glass splashbacks are durable and can withstand high cooking temperatures. In comparison to tiled and stainless steel surfaces, glass is further resistant to scratches making them a great choice for other hard working areas of your home too such as the laundry or bathroom. Your glass splashback will look new for a longer time than other interior surfaces.

Functional Aesthetics

Create a functional and modern space by installing glass splashbacks in your currently tiled areas. Ditch the whiteboard and write your shopping lists and ideas on your glass wall, then erase and start over again. Wow your guests with a combination of a bright space and a luxurious glass splashback. Natural lighting reflecting onto glass will make your space look vibrant and larger. If you do not have a bright space and are thinking of adding a glass splashback to your home, lights can be inset behind it to create a unique statement piece as well as a functional space.

There are many reasons that a glass splashback may be a great choice for your home. If you like to know more about our top quality glass splashback options and endless custom colour choices, speak to our team of professional painters for personalised advice. Contact Highlands Handpainting on 1300 662 112, submit an online enquiry, or visit us at 12 Graham Hill Road Narellan NSW.