A kitchen splashback has the potential to not only create the mood of your kitchen, but it can boost the essence of your entire home too. Here are some ideas and inspiration on how to make a splash with a perfect kitchen splashback for your home. 

In the design world, a kitchen splashback is often considered the showpiece of a kitchen. Not only a protectant for the walls against spluttering pots and pans, a splashback can introduce colour, texture and character to the space and is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to overall aesthetics. 

 They can certainly generate some real visual impact, and from an area that can be as small as a single strip of tiles to an entire wall of a kitchen, you simply can’t underestimate the significance of a well-thought out splashback. 

Following are some of our Highlands Hand Painting hot ideas for how to choose the right splashback design for your kitchen. 

Personalised kitchen splashback 

If you want a splashback that you can change around as much as your mood desires, then you will love the idea of a functional chalkboard kitchen splashback. 

A chalkboard splashback can be created by simply painting the wall with chalkboard paint. Then use the space to scribe menu ideas, a shopping list, meal prep for the week or as a chore and rewards board the kids. If you are naturally artistic, you could create some beautiful chalk murals on the splashback too. This is a splashback option that is completely customisable and makes clever use of the space. 

* Tip: chalkboard splashbacks work particularly great in industrial-style kitchens. 

Small space splashback 

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Mirrors makes a clever splashback option for a small kitchen as the reflection can help to make the space appear larger. You can leave the mirror in its original shade or have it tinted for a moodier appearance adding some extra warmth to the space. 

The downside with mirrors however, is that they will show dirt marks easily and require regular cleaning. 

splashback with a view 

If you have a pleasant view from your kitchen, like some nice landscaping or a view of the ocean, etc, and would be happy to have some natural light through the space, simply add some clear glass to make a window splashback. 

This is a great option when you have a kitchen in a more private location (not so great with a street frontage or if you are looking into your neighbour’s lounge room for example).  

Make your own view 

If you love the idea of a view from the kitchen, but don’t have the option to showcase one – then you can create one!  

Whether you like a city scene, rolling green hills or the blue waters and waves of the ocean, you can have a splashback that showcases your favourite landscape. Just arrange a professional print in the dimensions you need, then have it fixed behind some glass or clear Perspex to create your kitchen splashback. 

* Tip: some strip lighting will illuminate the space and make this splashback look uber impressive. 

Romancing the stone 

Stone has long been a popular kitchen splashback choice but it is particularly on trend this year. Whether you want to keep up with the Kardashians or just have a quality and timeless kitchen splashback, stone is certainly a great choice. 

Stone splashback options start from the top with materials such as full slabs of marble. Granite, Caesarstone and slate are other options to consider. When deciding on a stone splashback, be sure to consider the longevity and upkeep, as some stone variants require less maintenance and upkeep than others.  

Tiled splashback 

There is a reason tiles remain a popular option for splashbacks and it is due to the many design choices and variants of tiles available. 

Some of the more fancied design and layout options for tiled kitchen splashbacks this year include: 

  • Subway tiling – a white tile with white grout for a classic, clean look or with black grout for more contrast, depending on the tile colour itself. Dark tiles and dark grout are trending this year 
  • Square, matt tiles – for a classic, clean look 
  • Honeycomb tiles – the name says it all. These are generally medium-sized tiles in a geometric shape laid to create a honeycomb appearance 

Remember that although popular, the grout in tiled splashbacks has the potential to gather cooking dirt and grime and should be cleaned regularly to avoid any build-up. 

Sleek and simple splashback 

If you are looking for an all-in-one splashback that is sleek and fairly easy to maintain, glass is a great choice. Glass splashbacks come in all sorts of colours as they can be painted. Glass is also available in different textures, which can add extra interest if your splashback area needs a little more character. 

Brick splashback 

Bricks can be an interesting choice for use on a splashback but do require a little extra preparation. Here are some ideas to consider when it comes to brick splashbacks: 

  • Render it – render natural bricks for a smoother, cleaner finish 
  • Cover it – add some Perspex to the front of natural, exposed bricks to protect them against grime and grease 
  • Protect it – lacquer exposed bricks to add a protective barrier 

Much like the kitchens they reside in, and the people that reside in those kitchens, splashbacks come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colours and finishes. Whilst some homeowners may choose to make a dramatic statement, others are looking for understated function and practicality. There is a splashback option to suit every home and every body.  

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