If your kitchen is looking a little tired, or just a trend or three behind the times, hand painting your kitchen can provide the boost it craves. Not only that, a hand painted kitchen can outlast that of its counterparts too. See some of our top reasons why a hand painted kitchen is a great idea for your home.

Depending on the size of the project, a new or renovated kitchen can require some serious cash outlay and valuable time. But not after discovering the benefits of hand painted kitchens! 

Hand painted kitchens are a trend that renovators and kitchen designers have sunk their teeth into of recent times. And we believe it has skyrocketed in popularity due to its many fabulous benefits. Professionally hand painted kitchens get one up on their rivals due to some great benefits.

If you are looking to renovate, refresh or build your new dream kitchen, here’s some of the top reasons why we love professionally hand painted kitchens.

#1 Budget-friendly, renovated hand painted kitchens allow more money to spend elsewhere

You can achieve a new, refreshed kitchen simply by having it professionally hand painted. And this generally costs much less than replacing kitchen cabinets in their entirety. Rather than splashing the cash on new cabinetry, that probably only needed a facelift in the first place, use the money you save to buy new appliances, crockery or kitchen décor to ensure your kitchen gets a full makeover.

#2 Choose from all the colours of the rainbow

You can personalise your new or refreshed kitchen as much as you like with the flexibility of mixing up any colour. Unlike some other surface options, there is no limit on colour choices for hand painted kitchens. This is particularly helpful if you want an exotic colour that isn’t available in vinyl, laminate or natural timber, for example.

#3 Texturally beautiful

As well as being able to coat your hand painted kitchen in any colour, this option also provides flexibility of texture too. For cabinets, you can opt for satin, gloss or matt finishes. 

You can tell a professionally hand painted kitchen a mile away due to the beautiful finish it gives. Neat brushstrokes add to the character of a hand painted kitchen as opposed to smooth, all over surfaces of laminate and two-pack cabinetry.

#4 Future-proof hand painted kitchens

Being one of the busiest places in any home, a kitchen will inevitably forgo its perfect appearance to signs of wear and tear over the years. Bump marks, scuffs and bruises that appear on a hand painted kitchen make it easier to repair than others. When damage is present, you can simply sand back the area and re-apply paint with a paint brush. You can’t make repairs to spray painted kitchens or laminate this easily. Spray painted finishes tend to chip more easily as well.

Furthermore, if you decide that you would like to transform the colour of your hand painted kitchen in years to come, you can do so by the same process. Just sand it back and re-apply your new colour. There is absolutely no need to replace cabinets (unless of course they are damaged beyond simple repair). 

* Tip: to revamp an outdated hand painted kitchen to coincide with a more modern trend, try transforming the kitchen cabinet colour and cabinetry handles. This is generally a very cost-effective method that promotes great results. Think outside the square too – farmhouse and industrial-style kitchens, for example, can look great with old cutlery used to make new cabinetry handles. 

#5 For preservation

Hand painted kitchens are like a best friend to the timber they nest on. The paint used by professional hand painted kitchen experts, like our team at Highlands Hand Painting, is complimentary to timber by ensuring the base is guarded against scratching, drying out and cracking. This means cabinetry is preserved and protected, making it an especially smart choice for investors.

Whether your kitchen is worn out, stuck in a design and décor rut, or you are building a master chef work of art from scratch, there are plenty of great reasons why you should consider a professionally hand painted kitchen in your home. Future-proof your cooking and entertainment quarters with beautiful results.

* Tip: you can explore the benefits of professional hand painting in other areas of your home too. Furniture and bathroom cabinetry can also look amazing with some hand painted TLC.

If you need some inspiration for your kitchen or would like to talk to an expert about a hand painted kitchen project, reach out to our team at Highlands Hand Painting. We have years of expert knowledge and know-how to help renovate and refresh any type of kitchen. Phone us on 1300 662 112, submit an online enquiry, or visit us at 12 Graham Hill Road Narellan NSW.