Despite what you might think, it is actually possible to revamp your kitchen style without the, often huge, effort and the expense of a major renovation. We’ll show you how you can give your kitchen a new lease of life without having to embark on a complete overhaul. 

When the time comes that you want to change up your kitchen style, not everyone has the budget for a full renovation. With all the expenses involved, a kitchen renovation generally costs anywhere upwards of $15,000. And that’s a big stack of cash to splash about. The good news is that you don’t necessarily need a big stack of cash in order to revamp of your kitchen style. With the right idea and a few tips to point you in the right direction, you can have a new and refreshed look in your kitchen that has major impact in the space, but minor impact on your hip pocket. We’ll show you how. 

Revamped kitchen cabinets 

In many cases, kitchen cabinetry that has seen better days can be refreshed rather than replacing in its entirety. Even better, you can easily change up your kitchen style by revamping the kitchen cabinets. A new coat of paint, a change of cabinet surfaces and finishes, or cabinets transformed into shelving, can make a huge difference. 

Resurfaced kitchen cabinets 

Provided that the base material is still in good condition, tired, worn and well-used kitchen cabinetry can often be refreshed by simple resurfacing. A great way to update your kitchen style is with hand painted polyurethane coating. 

Polyurethane is a coating product that produces a high-quality, highly-durability surface when finished. It is a perfect option for updating kitchen styles as it can easily bring new life back to out-dated or worn cabinetry. Due to the mixing process involved, Polyurethane is an extremely versatile product. It can be used to refresh, cover up, or simply reinvigorate kitchen cabinetry to suit a wide range of kitchen styles, with a huge range of colours and finishes available. 

Do you want a metallic coating? That is no problem with polyurethane. Do you prefer a matte finish or high gloss cabinets? A customised colour mix? All of this is possible if you choose polyurethane when revamping your kitchen style. 

Transform cabinets into open shelving 

Open shelving is a popular storage solution in modern homes. Instead of having a wall full of closed cabinets, shelves can help to bring a unique and fresh look when you’re revamping your kitchen style. Open shelving works particularly well in farmhouse and Hamptons kitchen styles, but can really help to add an individual touch to any kitchen space, no matter the size or style.  

You can easily include some open shelving into your kitchen style simply by removing a door or two from your kitchen cabinets and using them as open shelves instead. Or you might choose to install some specifically styled shelving options to compliment your new kitchen style. 

Revamped benchtop 

When updating their kitchen style, not many people would think of changing the surface or colour of their kitchen benchtop. They may think that it is too difficult or costly. However, did you know that many benchtops can be given an effective facelift quite simply by respraying or repainting them? There’s no denying that the impact of a fresh new benchtop can certainly make an impression. Consider how a revamped benchtop could enhance your new kitchen style and the variety of options that are available to achieve it. It may not be as difficult or as out of reach as you might think. 

Add simple colour 

Adding or changing colours is perhaps one of the best way to revamp any kitchen style. You can head for the larger scale items such as painting a wall or cabinet colours, but there are also many savvy ways to change and reinvigorate your kitchen style with the use of colour on smaller items. 

Bar stools 

Metal bar stools are a budget-friendly, easily accessible kitchen item, perfect to include at a breakfast bar or island bench. To add some interest to your kitchen style, grab a few of these little beauties and paint them whatever colour you like (or you can always choose from the rainbow of colours already available!). 

Plates and serveware 

Cleverly add a touch of colour to your new kitchen style using plates and serveware. They make great style items as well as their usual practical functions. 2 for 1. Here are some great ideas: 

  • a stack of brightly-coloured plates displayed neatly on your new open shelving 
  • coloured or brightly-patterned coffee mugs hung on hooks under overhead cabinets 
  • display some quirky plates with interesting patterns or bright colours on a feature wall. Add some removable adhesive strips to the back of the plates to stick them to the wall 
  • place some bright coloured kitchen utensils into a plain utensil holder on the bench 

Hanging around 

Pendant lights are another great way to update a kitchen style. In fact, pendants are often be referred to as the jewel of the kitchen, responsible for pulling an entire kitchen together and truly completing the new look. There are so many options when it comes to pendant lights. From metal, to glass, to timber, and all that in between, there is sure to be something to suit every new kitchen style. What type of pendant will be best suited to stand out a make a real statement in your home? Bold and brassy? Classic and elegant? Metallic and industrial? 

Clear it out 

In a modern-day kitchen (that doesn’t have to mean modern style), less is very often more. As part of revamping your kitchen style, consider paring it back a little. Are there window trimmings that you don’t really need? A floor rug that you can remove? A revamp is also the perfect opportunity for a clean out. Get rid of anything that you don’t need or that doesn’t necessarily have to live in your kitchen, on the bench, and that in itself will be a great start to creating your new kitchen style. Invite the light and welcome an open, airy, fresh and uncluttered space. 

As you can see, you don’t need thousands of dollars in order to revamp a kitchen style. A few simple, quick, ideas will help to inject character and refresh a kitchen of any size and style. 

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