Summer is fresh, fun, cool and breezy. And these are the quintessential characteristics of the Hamptons style. We’ve gathered our go-to summer decorating tips for a Hamptons kitchen so you can have them right here at your fingertips.

Hamptons styling is sophisticated yet laid back, with a costal charm that reflects all the elements of beachside living. Once reserved for beachside mansions of the rich and the famous, Hamptons kitchens are now just as popular in everyday homes due to a seamless blend of lifestyle and aesthetics.

Are you interested in incorporating the Hamptons style into your kitchen and throughout your home? Whether you are looking to put the finishing touches on a new Hamptons kitchen, or add the light and bright beach vibe to your existing space, here’s how you can achieve the Hamptons look through some simple summer decorating tips.

Hamptons Kitchen Colour Palate

The first rule of a Hamptons colour palate is to typically start with a low sheen white on bigger items such as cabinetry and furniture and then build on the look by introducing highlights of coastal-inspired colours via décor. If you don’t already have a white base, you might think about getting your cabinets re-painted for a fresh, new base to work with.

Against the neutral base of white, popular Hamptons colour options for other décor include seafoam green and duck egg blue, although it is not uncommon to see subtle hints of yellow as well.

Open Shelving

Partner your Hamptons kitchen white cabinetry with featured sections of open shelving or cabinetry with glass frontage. Some coastal-inspired décor and accessories atop the shelves will add to the relaxed, beach-side aesthetic.

Hamptons Kitchen Benchtops

Always clean and clutter-free, the perfect Hamptons kitchen benchtop is made from a light-coloured stone, marble, or a material that can mimic stone, such as laminate. Alternatively, plain white benchtops are also perfectly fitting. If renovating, some benchtops can also be re-sprayed to achieve a lighter appearance for a Hamptons kitchen.

Layers of Interest

Layering is also important in achieving a well-executed Hamptons kitchen. Although, in a kitchen, this should be kept minimal to maintain a clutter-free space. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be beautiful and impactful. Here are a few examples on how to achieve simple Hamptons kitchen layering in your home.

  1. Breakfast bar stools are an essential Hamptons kitchen addition. Use natural timber stools against a backdrop of white cabinetry. Layer them up by introducing textured, padded seating or cushions in a natural look material such as linen. You might use the opportunity to introduce a touch of characteristic seafoam blue or duck egg green here.
  2. Wooden flooring is a great addition for a Hamptons kitchen. Go for paler colours with grey undertones, or a white wash distressed look that perfectly reflects the vibe of effortless coastal living. For more interesting texture and layering, add a rug made from natural fibre, such as jute or sisal, or woven with plenty of texture like bleached wool or natural cotton.
  3. For any bench seating, like breakfast nooks for example, be sure to include cushions with plenty of natural texture or decorative seaside motifs such as shells or starfish, for example.

Hamptons Kitchen Lighting

Bright, light and white is perfectly Hamptons, and a Hamptons kitchen should champion as much natural light as possible. Window trimmings should be kept to a minimum to enjoy the maximum that mother nature has to offer at this time of the year. Steer clear of roll up blinds or Venetians to stay true to the Hampton style.

When considering lighting fittings; pendant lights are an essential element in Hamptons kitchens. Choose pendant lights that reflect a lantern look, which are crafted from metal or glass. Alternatively, showcase your lighting choice and create a stunning feature point by opting for a pendant with a shiny chrome finish.

Add a Touch of Green

Green indoor plants are great for introducing a fresh, natural look to your home. Add a plant in a timber or white woven floor stand, showcasing beautiful green leaves. Flowers are not usually a big part of Hamptons styling. In this less-is-more style the softness and richness of luscious green leaves continues the simple and laid-back feel. If you’d like to some floral accents in your kitchen, opt for something refined and quite neutral, such as white peonies, roses, lilies or orchids or hydrangeas in soft blue hues for a touch of colour.

Create Seaside Living Through Sea-Inspired Décor

Small items of driftwood and bleached coral pieces, as well as sea glass vases or glassware create lovey décor pieces in a Hamptons kitchen. And where opportunity exists, an ornate wall mirror is always a welcomed addition and can help to make the space in a small kitchen look larger. To stay true to the style, be sure to avoid bevelled edges and overly decorative frames.

Summer decorating is fun, fresh and a little playful with a laid-back elegance. And Hamptons kitchen styling reflects all the best elements of this with a renowned respect for natural elements and seaside living. In fact, Hamptons kitchen styling is perfect for any time of the year.

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