Today’s Hamptons kitchens are a perfect mix of old and new. Modern meets classic. Chic meets sassy. And white is just right. Let’s take a look at the common characteristics of today’s Hamptons kitchens and all that is great about this classic style.

With its refined elegance and functional design solutions, Hamptons style is one of the most popular trends of today. With a real sense of comfort and liveable design solutions, Hamptons style is rich of character, class and functionality. So, when it comes to the workhorse of the home, it is no wonder so many people have embraced a Hamptons kitchen design. Because in busy kitchens and lifestyles of today, it is important we find a style that allows the flexibility of cooking, entertaining and relaxing!

Hamptons kitchens are a place where you can do all of this. And regardless of size, a Hamptons kitchen presents plenty of opportunity to customise solutions that work best for your home.

Our team have put together a list of some of the wonderful characteristics that a Hamptons kitchen has to offer and how to make the most of this beautiful style in your home.

Hamptons kitchen upcycling

A Hamptons kitchen is the perfect symmetry of old and new; where upcycled materials can partner seamlessly with cutting edge technology and gadgets to create the perfect blend. Some of the major benefits of this approach include:


If you are low on funds, you can achieve a Hamptons kitchen design by making use of pre-loved items, which are generally a little more cost effective. Some examples of this include:

  • Cabinetry – give new life to old kitchen cabinets by hand painting them
  • Splashback – consider re-painting a glass splashback to renew it rather than replacing it entirely
  • Preparation/bench space – upcycle some old timber to create a beautiful new Butcher’s block or island bench to feature in your Hamptons kitchen
  • Storage – transform an old timber ladder or cart wheel into a ceiling-suspended pot rack

* Tip: in smaller kitchens, portable island benches offer flexibility with space as they can be removed when they are not required. You can also double up its use as a side table!


Budget is not the only bonus to upcycling in a Hamptons kitchen. You can achieve plenty of character and charm by introducing some of these interesting elements too.

  • Hamptons kitchen décor – upcycle an old timber fruit box into a bench-top planter full of fresh herbs
  • Storage – transform mason jars into storage containers. You might like to paint the jar in white and add a chalk label to the outside to note its contents. Mason jars look great on open shelving in a Hamptons kitchen
  • Furniture – re-painted timber bar stools with freshly-made seat pads are a Hamptons kitchen treat
  • Lighting – pendant lights are just made for Hamptons kitchens and offer the perfect opportunity to introduce interest and character. Oversized glass lantern lights, upcycled steel, bronze or textured fabric pendant shades can all work well for a contemporary Hamptons style

A touch of colour

Hamptons kitchens design has traditionally been based on neutral tones. This is part of the reason Hamptons kitchens have remained so relevant. However, in today’s Hamptons kitchens, you can still have some fun with a gentle pop of colour too.

Basing your Hamptons kitchens colours on whites, beige and ivory, you can add some accents to kitchen cabinets, the splashback or a feature wall with colours such as grey or blue. But don’t overdo it – subtly is key in this classic style.

If you are not comfortable adding colour to these areas, just do so through your Hamptons kitchen décor and table-top appliances instead. Consider a powder-blue retro designed toaster and matching kettle perhaps.

Cabinetry from the days of old to the days of new

Shaker-style cabinetry is one of the most common design features of a Hamptons kitchen. This design style originated back in the 1700’s and, through its classic charm and professional craftsmanship, has been going strong ever since.

Shaker cabinets are a perfect example of classic meets contemporary in Hamptons kitchens. You can opt for kitchen cabinets that showcase the craftsmanship of Shaker with their clean, carved lines. Finish them off with a simple cabinet handle for a sleek look.

To introduce a little more interest, consider removing one or two of the cabinet doors and transform the area into open shelving, which is perfectly Hamptons. Or replace a Shaker-style door with some glass-fronted cabinetry instead.

Embrace the bones

If you are creating a brand new Hamptons kitchen via a renovation, take the opportunity to embrace the bones of the space. Architectural elements such as exposed timber beams or timber detail on high-pitched ceilings look fantastic in Hamptons kitchen style. Don’t cover them up – consider how to make these items a feature in your Hamptons kitchen instead.

If you are looking for a kitchen design and format that is timeless yet boasts plenty of character and flexibility, then a Hamptons kitchen could work for you. This modern-classic style embraces the old and welcomes the new with design solutions that meet seamlessly in the middle.

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