Narrowing in on exactly the right paint colour for your new build or renovation project is no easy task. With literally every colour of the rainbow on offer (and plenty of colours that aren’t on the rainbow too!), it can take quite some time and effort to zone in on the perfect choice. Once you have navigated your way through that activity, that’s not the end of the paint decision-making process.

Perhaps just as important as the paint colour choice, or in some instances, it may even be more important, is the selection of which paint finish is best to use. Thankfully, the number of paint finish options is nowhere near as overwhelming as the volume of colour choices but it still very much requires significant consideration.

Opting for the wrong paint finish in a particular room or area can have a big impact on the overall aesthetics of your space and also in regards to the maintenance and appearance of the paint into the future.

To help guide you when it comes to evaluating paint finish options, we have outlined the common types of paint finishes, highlighted the properties of each and also noted the rooms and areas that they are most suited too.

Matte/flat paint finish

A matte or flat, paint finish has the lowest sheen of all paint finish options. This means that does not reflect the light. Described as having a velvety texture, matte paint is great for disguising imperfections. This makes it appropriate for surfaces that are not in immaculate condition and also makes it relatively easy to use for not-so-experienced painters.

Despite the things that are great about matte finish paint, due to the lack of sheen, it can prove quite difficult to clean. For this reason, it is recommended to use matte paint on ceilings and walls in low-traffic areas.

Eggshell paint finish

Paint with an eggshell finish has a very small amount of sheen or reflective property when compared to a matte finish. The outer shell of an egg has the same low-level sheen, hence the naming of this paint finish. Eggshell paint finishes wash slightly better than no-sheen paint, making it suitable for use on walls.

Satin paint finish

As we continue up the paint finish ladder, we come next to a satin finish. Satin finish paint is more reflective than eggshell and matte finishes. This results in a more durable product that is easier to clean and can handle washing and light scrubbing.

Usually, a satin paint finish would be the highest sheen finish that is advised to be used on most walls within a house, with the exception of perhaps the kitchen and bathroom. It is perfect for use in high-traffic areas and may also be used for doors, windows, and trims.

Semi-gloss paint finish

A semi-gloss paint finish exhibits a significant amount of sheen once it has dried. It is able to tolerate water and regular cleaning making it great for use on walls in areas such as the kitchen and bathroom and is also commonly used on windows, doors, and trims.

When working with semi-gloss paint finishes it is important to make sure that the surface is correctly prepared beforehand because the highly reflective finish will emphasise any imperfections.

High-gloss paint finish

High-gloss paints have the most reflective and glossy appearance of all the paint finish options. This makes it the most hard-wearing and durable selection but also requires the most diligence when it comes to an application as it will easily highlight even the smallest blemishes. It is commonly used for accent features such as on doors, windows, and trims but also works well on furniture and other décor items.

It is important to remember that the above information is a general guide to assist you when making all-important paint finish decisions. It is based on many years of professional knowledge and experience so it is a pretty good gauge of what will, and what may not work best. But that doesn’t mean you have to follow it strictly. It is not a rulebook. If you want to mix things up a little and challenge the status quo, then go for it! Some of the very best paint jobs are often a result of unique and individual approaches, inspired by, and reflective of, the owner’s individual tastes and personality.

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