Typically, the laundry is one area of the home that perhaps gets less attention than it deserves. We are often in and out of our laundries just quick enough to undertake the chore of washing and ironing and not a second more. But, provided a little TLC, a well-designed laundry space can not only save time and make light work out of these everyday chores but also look just as stylish and feel as relaxed and comfortable to be in as other more popular rooms.

Turn your laundry from workhorse to work hero with the help of these quick design tips.

Picture your ideal laundry. An area free from clutter with everything kept remarkably out of sight. But we know the reality is that this is not always attainable in our busy lives. The good news – you can give yourself a very good chance of achieving that organised laundry you crave with a laundry design as functional as it is fashionable.

Our team at Highlands Hand Painting have put together some of our top recommendations for creating an organised and clutter-free laundry. And these tips have been carefully chosen to work in a laundry of any shape or size.

#1. The basic laundry layout

Whether L-shape, U-shape or galley design, the secret to crafting a functional laundry space is to consider the working area first and foremost.

Keep appliances close to the sink for ease of moving clothes from soaking in the tub to the washing machine. This is not just a handy idea for moving your washing from one cleaning place to another. For ideal plumbing purposes too, it is recommended that the laundry sink be located next to the washing machine.

For aesthetics, consider locating appliances out of the direct line of view when you enter the room. This will help to keep your laundry looking presentable.

#2. Laundry integration

To save laundry space and help with the ergonomics of washing and ironing, use these clever techniques to integrate your laundry appliances and extras.

Stack it

 This tip is especially great for saving unnecessary strain on your back while doing the washing (and anyone with a front-loading washing machine will agree here).

Front-loading washing machines are perfect for stacking and most modern brands include the option of purchasing a ‘stacking kit’ for proper install. However, as another option, you might also be able to create your own stacking kit from some matting or foam. Instead of sitting it on the laundry floor, consider stacking your washing machine on top of your clothes dryer. This is a great space saver while lessening the load on your back. Now that’s a win-win!

Machine nook

If you don’t have (or intend to have) a clothes dryer, why not arrange a nook in your laundry bench for the washing machine to sit? Stack it on top of an under-bench drawer with pigeon hole-style shelves over the top. This is both ergonomically and aesthetically pleasing, whilst increasing storage space.

Wall mount

Alternatively, save laundry floor and bench space by wall-mounting your front loader. Be sure to check your manufacturer’s recommendations before settling for this option.

Loading areas

Laundry loads can get heavy so it’s important to provide plenty of space near your washing machine to set down said loads of damp clothes.

  • For top loading machines: keep landing space to one side
  • For front loading machines on the laundry floor: keep aside some space above
  • For front loading machines stacked or wall-mounted: keep aside some space below

Ironing board

Ironing is not everyone’s cup of tea but it is a necessary evil a lot of the time. And it can get particularly tricky finding a spare spot for an ironing board in an already cramped laundry.

Instead of having a traditional-style, floor-standing board in the laundry, consider integrating an ironing board into the laundry cupboard instead. With so many options now available, you might like a fold-out ironing board or one that works on a swivel. Either way, these tuck neatly back into the cupboard when not in use and make packing away so much easier.

 * Tip: ask your cabinet maker for some integrated ironing board recommendations when discussing your cabinetry design

#3. Laundry storage

Laundry can be full of cleaning bits and bobs too. From vacuums to mops and brooms of all shapes and sizes. Poor planning for storing these items might mean that your laundry ends up looking more like the local tip rather than that organised haven you so desire.

Cabinet inclusions

When planning your laundry cabinetry, consider suitable combinations to house these goods as well. Tall cupboards, concealed wall hooks, hangers, and deep drawers are some worthwhile options. And not all laundry cabinets need to be concealed. Open-shelving can look just as great in the laundry as it does in the kitchen. The secret is planning what you need to shelve beforehand.

Draw upon it

Drawers are another fabulous addition for laundry storage. Rather than rummaging through a laundry pantry, you can open a drawer to grab out linen or cleaning and washing products with ease. Deep drawers can be designed specifically for sheets or towels too.

With items tucked away neatly, drawers keep out dust and help to maintain an organised laundry space.

Share the space

If your laundry backs onto your kitchen, you might also like to consider sharing some laundry space with the kitchen pantry. By opening a wall between the two, you can create a nifty butler’s pantry with cupboards and shelving that can be capitalised on across the two areas.

#4. Plan for a rainy day

Clothes dryers are great on rainy days and those moments you just don’t have time to hang out the clothes, but there are some items that don’t fare so well tumbling around. Not to mention, clothes dryers can also put added stress on your electricity bill.

We recommend you plan for rainy days with some built-in laundry drying racks. There are so many design options to choose from; flip down, pull down, wall mounted or even ceiling mounted that run on a pulley system. Add a few drying racks to your laundry design so you never need to be caught out when the weather turns sour.

A fashionable and functional laundry should have plenty of storage with ergonomics perfected. How well does your laundry stack up? With a little forethought and some planning advice from the professionals, it is possible to have a laundry space that looks good and is practical too.

At Highlands Handpainting we have a wealth of experience delivering a custom–made, hand-painted cabinetry for laundries and many other areas in the home, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Contact our team of professionals today on 1300 662 112, submit an online enquiry, or visit us at 12 Graham Hill Road Narellan NSW to discuss your fashionable and functional laundry project.