The use of an antique paint finish in your home can introduce plenty of character, history, individuality, and uniqueness. Here, we share our favourite tips for where and how you can use an antique paint finish to add a touch of 2021’s modern vintage trend to your home.

Popular over the last decade, fast and flatpack furniture has quickly filled empty spaces in homes and offices, whilst sadly, also filling holes in dumping grounds and rubbish bins. Often a cheap and quick furniture alternative, these fast options typically do not generate the greatest lifespan, or much aesthetic appeal either, before making landfill; often not worth the expense or effort in trying to restore them. Fast forward to 2021, and it is now that we are witnessing a huge emergence, and increased appreciation of, restored and pre-loved vintage furniture which boasts beautiful, antique paint finishes and designs. And this gorgeous style, rich in character, is not just for stand alone furniture pieces. The love for antique style now extends to larger parts of the home too, such as kitchens or living room cabinetry.

Honouring the skilled craftsmen of yesteryear, restored vintage furniture, or vintage inspired cabinetry, can introduce plenty of character, history, individuality, and uniqueness to a home. The ‘modern vintage trend’ is kinder to the planet too by embracing the best parts of the past. This trend focuses on refreshing and reusing pre-loved materials and furnishings, often with the application of an antique paint finish for the perfect embellishment.

When it comes to kitchen cabinetry, antique paint finish is very popular in styles such as French Provincial or farmhouse kitchens, but it can be used in various ways and places to introduce plenty of character and style throughout the home as well. As with all popular design trends though, there is not a strict rule book about when and how you should use these types of techniques. Using antique paint finishes mixed with other personal design preferences and touches, makes for truly unique design creations in your home. Today, we will focus on how you can capitalise on an antique paint finish to redefine and re-energise your home.

First, what is an Antique Paint Finish?

An antique paint finish is a process of paint and coatings applied to surfaces in order to achieve a distressed or worn look. The process typically involves sanding back, painting and re-coating a pre-loved piece to bring it back to new whilst honouring its heritage and original style.

Popular, coloured antique paint finishes include chalk paint, or matt and semi-gloss finishes, which are sanded back to show through some of the original timber underneath. Perfectly re-lacquered furnishings, showcasing their character-building bumps and bruises, are also part of the pre-loved, ‘modern antique’ world we see today.

Modern paint techniques are such that even with brand new materials, new cabinetry can be created to have that distinctive worn and distressed look. This results in a fresh and unique design style that will ooze character and style for many years to come.

Ideal Applications for Antique Paint Finishes

Although a convenient option for many, mass produced furniture can be character limiting in that there is not much flexibility when it comes to remodelling a flat pack or transforming its appearance. If you are looking for something more unique or bespoke, vintage furniture and vintage-look cabinetry on the other hand, can be incredibly liberating when it comes to characterisation and individuality. With a new coat of paint, some fresh upholstery, or even some wall paper decals, you can transform a thrift find or a pre-loved piece into a unique, fully-functioning, work of art. Following are a few examples.

Kitchen, Bathroom or Laundry Cabinetry

It might not be the first thing that comes to mind when contemplating ways to refresh a home with antique paint finish, but kitchen cabinetry (and splashbacks for that matter too), bathroom vanities or laundry cabinetry crafted from quality timber can look fabulous with a hand painted antique paint finish, as it can bring out all the beautiful natural textures of the timber. The new coat also grants the cabinetry better longevity as it acts as a new barrier for wear and tear, protecting the base from exposure, in particular to heat or steam.

* Tip: for more detail on professional hand painted cabinetry, see our ‘hand painted finishes information sheet’ and ‘why a professional hand painted kitchen is a great idea for your home’

Antique Paint Finished Furniture

Pre-loved furniture can look stunning with the application of an antique paint finish. Revive natural timber back to new with a sheer protectant coat, or reinvent the look entirely using a coloured antique paint finish.

And the vintage look is right on trend at the moment, quite possibly for a release of boredom that many people have experienced over the past year or so. Lockdowns and changing of lifestyles have made some of us rethink ‘standard’ and welcome rich history and conversation back into our lives. Vintage furniture tells a great story and it is even better when you can add to that story with your own hands-on experience.

Finding the perfect piece for your home and having it remodelled to exactly what you want is a great way of injecting your unique personality and style into your home and embracing a renewed appreciation of your of your surroundings too.

For furniture, antique paint finish is popular on:

  • Dining room table settings
  • A buffet or side table
  • Tea and coffee hutch
  • Coffee table
  • Revamped ottoman

Options for Antique Paint Finishes

Antique paint finishes can be colour matched to an existing item or shade of choice, which is especially great for renovators who want to refresh part of a home without making it look clunky or mismatched. The paint coat is also available in a range of textures and finishes, including matt, semi-gloss and gloss, making it suitable for many design trends and styles.

Antique paint finish can not only transform an item from old to new and bring plenty of character, it is also a great way to add protection to furniture, especially in high traffic areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces. The best way to add character to your home is to get a professional to do the job for you!

The antique paint finishes from the experienced team of professional painters at Highlands Hand Painting delivers all the best things about a hand painted project.  They not only look amazing but are highly durable and long-lasting. We offer a seven-year warranty on our paint finishes and workmanship. Phone us on 1300 662 112, submit an online enquiry, or visit our showroom us at 12 Graham Hill Road Narellan NSW to see samples of our hand-painted kitchens and discuss your custom, hand-painted project requirements.