Make a Splash with Stunning Splashbacks

A kitchen splashback has the potential to not only create the mood of your kitchen, but it can boost the essence of your entire home too. Here are some ideas and inspiration on how to make a splash with a perfect kitchen splashback for your home. 


Revamp Your Kitchen Style

Despite what you might think, it is actually possible to revamp your kitchen style without the, often huge, effort and the expense of a major renovation. We’ll show you how you can give your kitchen a new lease of life without having to embark on a complete overhaul. 


Glass Splashbacks are a Great Choice for Your Home

When you think of splashbacks, the first thing that comes to mind is the kitchen. And that is definitely the most common place to find them. But glass splashbacks can be used to transform many rooms in your home into modern masterpieces. Looking beyond the aesthetically pleasing factor, there are many reasons we love and recommend glass splashbacks.


Understanding Paint Finishes and When To Use Them

Narrowing in on exactly the right paint colour for your new build or renovation project is no easy task. With literally every colour of the rainbow on offer (and plenty of colours that aren’t on the rainbow too!), it can take quite some time and effort to zone in on the perfect choice. Once you have navigated your way through that activity, that’s not the end of the paint decision-making process.

Designing a Fashionable and Functional Laundry

Typically, the laundry is one area of the home that perhaps gets less attention than it deserves. We are often in and out of our laundries just quick enough to undertake the chore of washing and ironing and not a second more. But, provided a little TLC, a well-designed laundry space can not only save time and make light work out of these everyday chores but also look just as stylish and feel as relaxed and comfortable to be in as other more popular rooms. (more…)