Polyurethane: Our Favourite Kitchen Cabinets Finish

To the naked eye, there may appear to be plenty of similarities between the three most popular kitchen cabinet finishes – polyurethane, melamine and laminate. But when you delve deeper to compare the pros and cons of polyurethane finish kitchen cabinets against their counterparts; it is clear to see why polyurethane is our favourite finish for kitchens of all shapes and sizes.


Why Hand Painted Kitchens are a Good Idea

A hand painted kitchen is the perfect way to add unique character and style to the most used room in the house. While there are many options available when it comes to the materials, surfaces, and finishes for your kitchen, hand painting perhaps provides the most versatile and suitable choice for a wide range of design styles. 

Colour Schemes for your Entire Home

2018 is around the corner so let’s discuss the top colour scheme trends for a bit of a facelift in your home. Colour is very important in any home as it sets the tone of each room and determines what shades of furniture your purchase, appliances and accessories in general. Create an overall great mood in your home with our top colour trend expectations for 2018.


How to Choose between a Gloss or Matt Finish

Kitchen, bathroom or laundry cabinet finishes are one of the biggest style elements of your décor. It is often asked whether gloss or matt is better, as the finish can change the whole look of your room and give it a unique touch. Whether you are renovating your kitchen, respraying your laundry cabinets or you want to freshen up your dated bathroom vanity, there are many pros and cons of a gloss or matt cabinet finish. Each style has a dramatically different look. (more…)